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With one failed engagement behind him, Lord Grant Grey is desperate for this one to stick. However, he proposed to Miss White after knowing her for one week, which can only be a disaster waiting to happen. But when he sets eyes on his fiancée again all his doubts vanish. She is just as stunning and kind as he remembers. Now he just has to get her to the altar.

Miss Olivia White doesn’t have one drop of noble blood in her, so obviously Lord Grey proposed for her substantial dowry. All Olivia wants is to have a comfortable life with an amicable marriage. It seems as if she and Lord Grey can have better than an amicable marriage, maybe even an affectionate one—until he starts insulting her family at every turn.

A Gentleman of Leisure is available now!

Matthew Evercott is looking forward to being a Gentleman of Leisure this summer. His mother and sister are newly married, he’s hired a competent steward, and all he has to do for the next few months is avoid the London Season by enjoying his own lands. But everywhere he turns Miss Williams is there. As he gets to know her, he starts wondering why a woman with such a vibrant personality would leave behind her family to keep house for her brother, and why no one has tried to marry her yet.

A Letter to a Lady is available on Amazon

Kenley Alcott has fallen ill with the worst affliction that a single man of marriageable age can have: loneliness. When he thinks about attaining a wife there is really only one woman he can consider—his best friend’s older sister. Drunk and lonely, he writes her a letter proposing marriage.

Lillian has just attained the greatest victory of her life; she has convinced her family to allow her to set up her own household and abandon the marriage mart. She can plan her life whatever way she wants. She’ll get a little cottage, learn how to bake, even find a lover. One more social season, and then she can embrace the life of a spinster. She can’t wait.

Then the letter comes.

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Stay tuned for the love story of Lillian’s ex-fiance, Lord Grey!

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M. P. Harding has a degree in history and a minor in creative writing. She lives in Salt Lake City with her husband and son.

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